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Wall Art.

Wall art is a vinyl sticker which is applied onto a wall or other smooth surface, even on a window or glass door as a decoration or for fun informational purposes.

We specialise in custom made wall art as well as posters and canvasses.

You supply us with your idea and we'll make it to suit your specific needs.

Some people refer to wall art as wall decals, wall graphics, wall stickers or even wall tattoos!

All our wall art stickers are temporary and fully removable, although they can last for a long time. On average, up to 5 years and more indoors and will not damage your walls when they are removed.

They are perfect for children's rooms, because as their tastes change over the years, so can their wall art.

Even the wall art in your lounge, dining room or bedroom can change as your colours and taste changes over time.

How to apply wall art.

There are a few preparations to be done before you can apply the wall art.

The surface must be clean and any paint should be dry.

Shiny surfaces like windows, glass or mirrors must be free of dust, grime and oil. Using a window cleaner should be enough to get a clean surface.

Make sure that on smooth surfaces the sticker doesn't form bubbles. Especially if it is a large sticker, let someone help you with the application. Apply the sticker slowly and follow the application guide carefully.

Get detailed application instructions here.

Wall Art Application

Some excellent examples of wall art.

Wall-art bird cut-out
Wall-art behind sofa
BeYoutiful wall-art
Love hands with ek en jy inside
Bird cut-outs on a window
Love hands with you and me inside

Sandblast Vinyl Windows and Glass Surfaces

Sandblast vinyl is the ideal alternative to contemporary sandblasting. The “sandblast” in vinyl refers to the effect and not the process of sandblasting. In short, it is the same effect without the high cost and associated mess.

The sandblast vinyl can be applied directly on the glass surface and the designs are endless.

You can be as creative as you want, designs, words, logos. Perfectly cut and applied to existing glass surfaces.

Please give us a call or complete the request form and let us assist you with your project.

One of the main advantages of using sandblast vinyl is that it does not damage the glass surface and it can be replaced. For instance, if there is a change in your logo it can easily be done without having to replace the glass. It is simply removed and replaced with your new design.

Sandblast vinyl has another benefit that most people will not see. While it allows sunlight to come in it filters out up to 95% of the UV rays. These UV rays are responsible for fading of your carpets and furniture. When applied to a window it also acts as a shatterproof film.

Technical Aspects of Window Vinyl

You can get sandblast vinyl in a number of different shades from standard (light grey), advanced (darker grey) as well as decorative (colours and glitters).

All of these are available for:

  • Windows
  • Showers
  • Mirrors
  • Desk Dividers
  • Glass Doors

The all new ranges of decorative films have opened unlimited design possibilities. You can now easily bring vibrant colours, visual effects and any graphic designs to life from glass surfaces such as entrance doors and windows.

It works for commercial and residential spaces and is also known by the name “matte Films”. These new product ranges can be opaque or translucent, all depending on your design and need.

The white and bronze frost films diffuse bright light transmission into the space. They allow you complete privacy and perfectly emulate sandblasted glass. It scatters the transmitted light without blocking it.

There is a large array of frosted patterns available in readymade designs, or alternatively we can design it to your exact specifications. You can get frosted squares, wide and narrow stripes (for the venetian blind effect), small dot patterns and much more.

In addition you can also get textured vinyl films that emulate brushed crystal, cracked glass and an array of interesting optical designs.

Frosted Glass Windows

  • Vinyls are quick and easy to fix to existing glass, and do not damage or weaken glass.
  • Sandblasting is not suitable to all types of glass, for example sliding doors, as it takes up to 2mm off the thickness of your glass.
  • Vinyl frosting is applied at your home or office, without the need to remove glass and leave you with a security risk.
  • There is no mess – our experienced and professional installing team preps and cleans everything.
  • Vinyl window frosting is a much more cost-effective option.
  • Sandblasted glass doesn’t offer any UV protection or the same insulation benefits as vinyl frosting.
  • Sandblasted glass shows fatty marks because of the microscopic holes in the glass, which trap dirt
  • . Vinyl is designed to resist fingerprints, grease and grime.
  • The chemicals used in the sandblasting process are very harmful to the environment.
  • Sandblasted glass – like ‘bathroom glass’ – turns see-through when wet, making them unreliable in bathrooms.
  • Vinyls are easy to remove so if you ever change your mind about the frosted look, you can easily change the design. Altering etched glass is virtually impossible.

Are you seeking a distinct method to move light through an outside or interior wall window or shower? If so, think about utilizing colored and frosted glass blocks to enhance the appearance of an area, improve personal privacy, and to incorporate more light to a dark place. Within this short article you’ll discover 5 actions in order to direct you through the concept, acquisition and setup of a window, wall or shower utilizing both color and clear satin finished block units.

Determine exactly what advantages you really want from the blocks and where you would like to make use of them – The most frequent needs to choose frosted blocks, with or without color, is to concurrently enhance the effects of the room and also improve personal privacy. Because the faces resemble a clouded glass they diffuse the light and soften being shone into an inner spot.

Establish the shapes and size of task– The usage of satin finished frosted blocks does not have to be restricted to straights wall surfaces or windows. This item is readily available in numerous dimensions and in different designs (there are blocks for the end of a wall, corners, ones that make a steady curved radius or Forty Five degree angle– currently there are also frosted and tinted glass blocks that can generate a step down wall).

For shower and wall jobs the frosted blocks can be taken into pre-made panel areas that can be anchored into the surrounding walls. These areas can be securely delivered on an across the country basis and make the setup procedure simpler and less expensive than having to employ an experienced mason or tile setter to lay the blocks separately.

Define your style objectives

Using colored and frosted glass block has to include both interest and function to the space. , if you’re style objective is to produce an area that feels tranquil and calm relaxing use serene frosted block will be usage with this objective.. On the other hand if you desire dynamic color (perhaps for a church, school, day care center and so on) utilizing a non-frosted smooth dealt with block will be the much better option. , if you’re looking to include some pattern into the window, shower or wall the smooth and frosted faced block can be alternated to dealt with a checkerboard design. A vertical or horizontal stripe of color with the obscured icing procedure can likewise develop a significant appearance.

Getting the task done

Glass block setups can be done by an expert block specialist, an experienced mason or tile setter or as a do it yourself job by somebody with great building and construction abilities. The secret to success is to make sure you’ve got the right tools, abilities, items and setup treatments to do it right the very first time.

Think about calling a block panel fabrication and setup business for guidelines and assistance on the very best technique for your particular window, wall or shower. If you’re uncertain whether you wish to take on the task yourself call a specialist with particular experience with these glass masonry systems (not all basic mason professionals and tile setters can provide a quality glass block task). Employing an expert specialist ought to feature a composed warranty to take a few of the concern from the procedure.

  • Interior walls separating restrooms from principal living spaces
  • External windows on the sides of houses with regard to personal privacy, security as well as light motion
  • Shower walls o Kitchen area backsplashes
  • Transom windows in walk-ins
  • Boardroom with regard to personal privacy and also internal light motion
  • Cocktail lounges inside entertainment rooms
  • Windows and walls in churches, schools, healthcare facilities and preschool to incorporate an architectural style component while not giving up personal privacy
  • Various other aesthetic style applications like water fountains and interior image murals

Many window jobs (blocks can be utilized in both domestic applications in kitchen areas, restrooms, living room, transoms and in business jobs for churches, schools, office complex, healthcare facilities and so on) are done finest with upraised assemblies. A few of the panels feature vinyl frames and nailing fins that make setups much easier in brand-new building and addition tasks. There are likewise frame-less windows that work much better in masonry (brick and block) openings and renovating tasks.

Purchase the best item

Doing a block task properly needs that the right item. While the majority of people think about purchasing specific glass blocks and putting them together one by one, this approach hardly ever leads to the very best completed quality task or the most affordable overall expense.

For glass jobs determine the rough framed opening or masonry opening you will put the blocks into. When it comes to shower and wall projects it’s practical to complete a rough sketch of the shapes and size of the wall. Contact a block producing and installation business to direct you through the specifics products needed to make your concept a reality. They must have the ability to assist you not just on what blocks are really required, however the most economical method to utilize the blocks to lessen your finishing costs.