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Vinyl Stickers, Decals and Labels printing and cutting.

We print all types of vinyl stickers, car stickers, wall stickers, tile stickers, decals and labels of any size for any of your requirements. The stickers, labels and decals can be contour cut to any shape by making use of a print and cut large format printer.

Please note that we print on a large format printer on sheets of vinyl and cannot print the labels on rolls. Special machines are used to print label rolls.

A sticker for assorted biscuits.

Vinyl stickers, labels and decals are versatile and durable. They are the right choice for everything from product labeling to giveaway stickers.

Do you need a quote on stickers? Complete this application form and submit it to us.

Stickers, labels and decals can be utilized in many ways.

  • Digitally printed full colour stickers of any shape and size
  • Vinyl labels and decals, also of any size and shape
  • Safety Signs
  • Personalised wine and bottle labels
  • Personalised CD and DVD labels
  • Vehicle Decals and Fleet Branding with cut-out or printed stickers
  • Construction Vehicle Stickers or Magnets
  • Shop Front Decals
  • Vinyl licence disk holders
  • Bumper Stickers
  • Hard Hat Stickers
  • Reflective vinyl stickers, decals and signs
  • Silver and Gold vinyl print, cut, application
  • Wide range of promotional stickers
  • Round, square & rectangular shaped stickers
  • Print and cut vinyl

Stickers and decals are superb marketing tools. Customized decals or stickers can help in establishing your brand name. Due to its adhesiveness it can be put up almost anywhere, any smooth surface and material. This is what makes stickers and decals unique and convenient compared to other print materials.

A label sticker for a wine bottle.

Whatever your lifestyle, we can make the perfect sticker for you! You can use stickers to enhance your lifestyle. Whether functional or fashionable.

No matter what you call them, vinyl stickers or labels, peel and stick, self-adhesive, stickies, decals, adhesive labels, self stick or stick-ons, we can give you the products you need.


It is difficult to supply prices because of all the variables in the type of stickers manufactured, but an indication is R290.00 per square metre printed and contour cut. The minimum price on all stickers is R290.00 which include setup fees and VAT. However, the prices fall dramatically on larger quantities.

If you would like a quote on stickers, complete this application form and submit it to us.

Sticker, label and decal features.

Our stickers come with many features to make sure you get exactly the sticker, label or decal you need.

  • Labels are made of high-quality, glossy vinyl making them more versatile and durable for all of your needs.
  • Technology allows you to order die cut stickers - smoothly cut to the outline of the sticker or traditional shaped stickers such as a rectangle, square, oval or circle.
  • Stickers can be printed with a small white or clear border before the contour-cut, although for some stickers, the contour-cut should be right on the edge of the design.
  • Our stickers are designed to withstand all weather conditions. Manufactured from high quality vinyl, the stickers, labels and decals are water and heat resistant and will not peel off due to rain or heat.
  • We use the highest quality eco friendly solvent ink to print our stickers and labels. The ink is UV resistant and it won't fade or discolour for a few years, even in direct sunlight.
  • Our labels will not peel off in the dishwasher. However, the stickers must be applied to a flat-surface for more than 24 hours.
  • All our labels are created to withstand heating in microwave ovens.
  • Stickers on windows and shop front windows can be made using the front adhesive option on clear vinyl and applying it on the inside of the window.
A label sticker for a birthday party cup.

What is the difference between a sticker, a label and a decal?

The New Oxford Dictionary defines these product categories as follows.

sticker n. an adhesive label or notice, generally printed or illustrated.

label n. a small piece of paper, fabric, plastic, or similar material attached to an object and giving information about it.

decal n. a design prepared on special paper for transfer onto another surface such as glass, porcelain, or metal.

As you can see, a sticker can be a type of label… labels with an adhesive are also stickers.

Complete this application form and submit it to us for a quote on your stickers, decals or labels.

Stickers printed and cut out.

comical leopard cartoon sticker
comical zebra cartoon sticker