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Custom T-Shirt or other garment printing.

What would you call it? Fabric, garment or material printing. It's all about the same thing, printing on material.

We specialise in two types of fabric printing, namely Silk screen Printing for quantities of more than 30 items with single or two colours and Heat Transfers for smaller quantities and full colour images.

However, the main item everyone is always looking for is T-shirt printing.

Having your own custom t-shirts printed is a cost effective and brilliant way to advertise your business, school, charity events you are planning or even just a slogan.

Just about any event can be improved by custom printed t-shirts and any individual or group will be able to benefit from it. Print customised T-shirts for your:


Our prices work as follows:

The minimum price for one single sided print T-shirt will therefore be R350.00 and 10 will be R1200.00

Personalised printed garments are a great way to build team spirit for both work and pleasure. Or you might just like the idea of creating custom printed garments to suit your own personal style!

We can supply you with a large range of t-shirts - from 145g to 165g, 180g or 200g as well as a large colour range. Choose any one of the below colours for your printing and tell us on the above form in the "Other request" section.

T-Shirt Colours

FAQ's about screen printing and heat transfers.

What is silk screen printing?

Silk screen printing is a process whereby a rubber squeegee is used to squeeze water based ink, specially made for silk screening, through a mesh screen directly onto the material. The material is then heat cured for long lasting and durable results.

A large range of clothing items such as t-shirts, golf shirts, overalls, hoodies, aprons and bags can be silk screened.

Screen printing permanent, it is going to last as long as the garment it is printed on. The price is calculated by the number of prints on the material, the number of colours in each print and the quantity of items printed. Silk screen printing is therefore ideal for printing large quantities of an item.

What is heat transfer printing?

Heat transfer printing is done, in our case, by printing with a large format printer onto specially made vinyl with solvent based ink. The design is contour cut with the cutter and transferred onto the material by way of a heat press using high temperature and pressure.

Small images and text have a small surface area to adhere to the material and therefore do not adhere very well to the material and may start coming off after only a few washes.

Heat transfer printing is not as permanent and hard-wearing as silk screen printing, but is ideal for full colour printing, small print quantities and individual names or numbers on the garment.

The pros of using silk screen printing.

The cons of using silk screen printing.

The pros of heat transfer printing.

The cons of heat transfer printing?

What is the difference between silk screen prints and heat transfer prints?

Silk screened items are printed to last where as heat transfers are not. It all depends on how long you want to use the item for and the budget available.

Will screen prints last longer than heat transfer prints?

Unlike a heat transfer which adheres to the top of the garment, screen printing ink penetrates and is cured into the fabric. Screen printing lasts as long as the garment itself. Just take good care of the garment.

Vinyl heat transfers do eventually crack and fade. However, with proper care of your garment (wash inside out on a cool wash, dry inside out on a washing line and iron inside out - no tumble drying or dry cleaning) the manufacturer recommends it lasting for about 50 washes.

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