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Fridge Magnets

Custom Fridge Magnet Printing

Fridge with magnets attached. Save the date fridge magnets

A fridge magnet is used to post different items on a refrigerator. Our fridge magnets are custom printed to your specifications. We are your magnetic sticker store and supplier. From grocery lists, save the date fridge magnets to fridge magnets with quotes.

We also do not use the thin magnet which usually only last a while and then keeps on falling off the fridge, but thick, 0.6 mm magnet material, which can also be used for car magnets.

A fridge magnet or refrigerator magnet is an ornament either attached to a small magnet, or made from sheet magnet which is then cut in squares or rectangles. We cannot die-cut fridge magnets into any other shapes.

A fridge magnet can be used to post a variety of different items on a refrigerator, or simply serve as a decoration.

Except for their usefulness for sticking souvenirs, important notes and to-do lists on your fridge door, fridge magnets can also be attached to other metallic surfaces around the home or office that serves as a welcome reminder of the travels and adventures they have been through.

Fridge magnets are mostly used for:

  • decorations
  • shopping lists
  • advertising and marketing
  • magnetic business cards
  • save the date magnets
  • baby shower dates
  • emergency service numbers
  • puzzle magnets
  • photo magnets
  • useful information, telephone numbers etc.
  • fridge calendars

Read more here about our magnetic fridge calendars.

We make fridge magnets for many businesses who hand out free fridge magnets with their company details on them to boost brand recognition and marketing.

Fridge magnets come in a wide variety of sizes and are relatively popular objects for collectors.

Fridge magnets we have made.

Fridge magnet of baby Neil
Fridge magnet for Uncle Harry's Roadhouse

Manufacturing of fridge magnets.

A modern day fridge magnet is a flexible magnet made of a ferromagnetic compound called ferric oxide mixed with a plastic binder like PVC. This is then flattened to a sheet by rolling and then passes on a conveyor belt over a line of powerful circular magnets. This magnetizes the PVC sheet with magnetic poles in a line format which alternates on every second line.

Before the sheet magnets were manufactured, ferrite magnets were in common use with decorated items glued to the magnets with adhesive. They were created in the 1920s.

Fridge magnet of a quote by John Lennon
Fridge magnet for Angor Properties

The collecting of fridge magnets as a hobby.

Collectors specialise in collecting magnets from their travels, or of particular themes. Fridge magnets can be found worldwide in souvenir shops. Fridge magnets are popular souvenirs and among the most commonly used items for advertising and brand recognition we make for our customers.

There is no generally recognized term for a person who is a collector of fridge magnets.

Louise J. Greenford from Henderson, Nevada is, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest verified collector of refrigerator magnets in the world. In November 2015 Louise was still collecting fridge magnets and had about 45 000 different fridge magnets.

The largest collection of fridge magnets in Europe belongs to Tony Lloyd, a teacher in Cardiff. In February 2018, Tony's collection was over 5 000 magnets.

We have no idea who the largest collector of fridge magnets in South Africa is.

Are magnets bad for a fridge.

The flexible fridge magnets produced today cannot damage your fridge when you apply the magnet. It does not affect the function of the fridge in any way.

The only thing that could worry you is if the magnets are strong enough to adhere to the fridge. Do they fall off and make a mess or do they make your fridge look smarter?