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Flyer Printing.

Let your flyers and leaflets work for you

Flyer and pamphlet printing are some of the most widely recognized tools for marketing and advertising campaigns. Simple to deal with, moderate and eye-catching and quick to design and produce.

Yellow on black colur paving cleaning flyer
Flyer for Info Prop real estate

Flyers can be one of the most widely recognized tools for powerful advertising campaigns and techniques however the accomplishment of them relies upon catching the reader's eye in a second or two...then get them intrigued and get them to make some move whether that is calling a number, visiting a site or putting in a request.

With regards to sorting out a special occasion, for example, a product deal, item, service or to advance your business, one thing you should make certain of is make individuals mindful of it. The most ideal approach to do this is with very well planned and top-notch flyer printing.

Additionally, flyers are also a comparatively low-cost marketing instrument. Flyers stay one of the best tools at getting your business out into the general population and into their hands – at occasions, in the streets or in stores. Printed either Single or Double sided.

Flyer printing has been utilized by organizations, strict gatherings and non-profit organisations going back hundreds of years and there's a generally excellent purpose behind that.

These leaflets or limited time flyers are intended to be appropriated at an enormous scope, flyers can be given out in the streets, or on the other hand, circulated door-to-door, sent by means of post, stuck to bulletin boards, pinned to utility poles — really the utilization of flyers are apparently perpetual!

Flyer design is hence critical and making an eye-getting flyer is no simple accomplishment. At a time when South Africans are besieged with endless quantities of them, it is critical for your image to stick out and catch the eye of your clients.

This is the place our ability as an internet printing organization kick in As an organization that has been managing printing a wide range of stuff, from business cards, banners, car magnets, posters to NCR books, calendars, correx sheets, stickers, and so forth, we have the experience, the skill, the abilities and know-how to make the most ideal items, that totally fit your needs.

Our enormous choice of services is only a proof of our creation abilities and plan limit — this guarantees full quality and an ideal completion in our items.

Flyers printing and configuration isn't a job for everybody — it requires creative mind, an origination and a limit with regards to understanding that origination.

For Sale flyer for house
Auctioneer Flyers

Flyer design tips and strategies

The headline must be short and sweet and an immediate attention grabber.

You have a noticeably short time to grab someone's attention with a flyer... This is where an excellent headline is required!

Do not use your business name as the headline. A flyer or leaflet is not a business card and people do not care what your businesses’ name is.

Rather, design a headline that creates eye catching interest such as "Do you want to lose weight quickly?" or "Are your repair bills getting too much for you?".

Try finding out what is important to your customers and incorporate that into your headline.

Flyer Print Options

The two main flyer printing processes used today are digital and litho printing.

Digital Flyers

A digital printer looks like the copiers you see in offices and shops, but like our Sharp MFP, it is bigger and more specialised. The digital printer prints at high speeds and prints your design straight from a computer, without any setup time wasted. The printer itself however is very sophisticated and expensive to run and maintain. This printing method is more suited for lower volume flyer printing or if the flyers are needed in a noticeably short period of time. The technology is catching up and the difference between these machines are getting smaller and smaller.

Example of a z-fold brochure
Flyer promoting KW Real Estates

Lithographic or Litho Flyer Printing

A lithographic printer is an industrial printer that works with plates and ink. Your design is broken up into 4 base colours, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and black. Due to the plates and setup, litho printing is only cost effective for high volume printing. The many steps it takes to prepare and print the flyers make the production time longer than digital.

Therefore, we strive to combine the client’s wishes and demands with our expertise and knowhow from previously realized campaigns, so that both sides can achieve the mutual goal we all are focused on.

We print all types of flyers, pamphlets and brochures in black and white in any quantity.

Full colour flyers are printed on 128 gram gloss, double or single sided.

Please download a pricelist for our flyers here.

Conveyancer's Lodgement Covers

We print lodgement covers for several conveyancers and we have found that our price per cover of R7.90 (VAT inclusive), compares favourably to other printer's prices.

A minimum order of 50 covers per colour is applicable when ordering. (white, yellow, blue or mustard)

The size of each lodgement cover is 430mm x 305mm and it is printed on 160 gram card material.

Your deeds office number and barcode as well as your name and telephone number are all printed onto your lodgement cover.

A deeds lodgement cover form

Types of Deed lodgement cover folders

A white lodgement cover is used for conventional transfers, bonds, applications for certificates of registered and consolidated title, applications in terms of Section 45 and notarial deeds.

A biscuit or mustard colour lodgement cover is used for cancellations and releases of bonds, ante nuptial contracts, applications, general powers of attorney and general plans.

A green lodgement cover is used for all sectional matters, including bond cancellations and notarial deeds in respect of sectional property.

Lead time for delivery is 3 to 7 workdays. Delivery in Gauteng is R65.00.

Large format digital prints.

We can also do large format digital poster printing in full colour in larger sizes up to A1 in small quantities.

Prices are based on the quantity, the type of paper and the sizes required by the client.