Calendar Solutions

Custom printed tent calendars for 2021.

Tent calendars, also known as A-frame, triangle calendars or desktop calendars, are folded and glued into a triangular shape and only takes up a small space on a desk, which is why they are so popular.

What better way to stay in your client's and customer's faces, than with your own custom printed tent calendars on their desk right in front of them, 365 days a year.

These are great calendars that do not take up much space on your desk, but serves as a huge reminder.

Light and economical, your desk top tent calendars are produced using a single sheet of card, approximately A4 size and scored to form a crease, which folds into the tent shape with a 6 months calendar to view on each side.

It is an ideal way to keep your branding and contact details right under the noses of your customers, year-round.

Your tent calendars are printed in high quality full colour, on 350 gsm card which is then scored where the folds must be and either with a glue strip attached, or a self-locking base for easy assembly. You receive it flat and your customer then folds it into the triangle shape and locks or glues it into place.

Below are some samples and mock-ups of calendars.
Hover your mouse over, or tap the thumbnails to see the enlargement.

Tent Calendar Prices

Quantity Price
500 R4 790.00
1 000 R5 590.00
2 500 R7 490.00
5 000 R8 950.00
10 000 R12 955.00