Calendar Solutions

Magnetic Fridge Calendars

Choose your fridge calendars for 2020 to suit your budget.

We make fridge magnet calendars in a wide range of sizes.

Magnetic Fridge Calendars are one of the most cost effective forms of product promotion you can get. It is a great way to reinforce brand awareness and to market your business long after the initial cost of printing the calendar has been covered. In fact, there is currently no other printed low cost advertising medium in South Africa that allows your company or products to be marketed to your target market everyday of the year.

For example: There are 2 people in a house. If they open the fridge 10 times per day they will see your advert 20 times a day. That is 140 times a week relating to 7 280 views per year. If you were to give away 1000 magnets your advert could be seen over 7 million times a year.

Our fridge magnet calendars are printed on 350 gsm card with a high quality varnished finish and two magnetic strips on the back. This is what the back looks like:

Magnet strips attaced to a fridge calendar

Below are some mock-ups for 2020 . Hover your mouse over, or tap the thumbnails to see the enlargement.

Size 90 mm x 104 mm which is approximately A7. (74 mm x 105 mm)

Size 90 mm x 158 mm which is approximately A6. (105 mm x 148 mm)

Size 90 mm x 212 mm on which you can supply more of your information.

Size 158 mm x 184 mm. Approximately A5 size. (148 mm x 210 mm)

Size 158 mm x 278 mm. Our largest fridge calendar, on which you can have a large advertisement.

Magnetic Fridge Calendar Prices.

All our magnetic fridge calendars are printed in batches of 500 or 1000, like our business cards.

Below are price lists for the calendars shown above. All prices include artwork and VAT.

Prices on 500 Calendars:

Width Length Price
90 mm 104 mm R990.00
90 mm 158 mm R1 090.00
90 mm 212 mm R1 190.00
158 mm 184 mm R1 590.00
158 mm 278 mm R1 990.00

Prices on 1 000 Calendars:

Width Length Price
90 mm 106 mm R1 390.00
90 mm 158 mm R1 590.00
90 mm 212 mm R1 790.00
158 mm 184 mm R2 290.00
158 mm 278 mm R2 790.00

Eight benefits of calendars.

  1. Necessity
    Every business person and almost everyone else needs or wants a calendar.
  2. Acceptance
    Your advertising message is welcome in homes and offices where other advertising forms are not accepted.
  3. Awareness
    Because calendars are used on a daily basis, it builds awareness of your business.
  4. Appreciation
    Handing out calendars to your customers, displays your business' friendly image and builds your goodwill.
  5. Sales Power
    Calendar advertising is the most influential of all advertising. Most homes and businesses support the advertiser who supplied them with a calendar.
  6. Personal
    Calendars become a personal part of your daily routine, using it for appointments and record keeping.
  7. Economical Advertising
    You reach your audience almost every day through the advertising on your calendar. Costing it over 365 days, your ad costs only a few cents per day.
  8. Gift Value
    Because of their usefulness and your free handout, calendars are considered having a gift value.