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Magnetic Fridge Calendar Solutions

Choose your fridge magnet calendars to suit your budget.

Use any type of our variety of calendars to promote you or your business the whole year through?

Why do you need to give out calendars? 98% of all homes and virtually 100% of all businesses use calendars. A typical business office has 2 to 3 calendars in the working area.

What are the benefits of advertising your business with calendars?

  1. Necessity
    Every business person and almost everyone else needs or wants a calendar.
  2. Acceptance
    Your advertising message is welcome in homes and offices where other advertising forms are not accepted.
  3. Awareness
    Because calendars are used on a daily basis, it builds awareness of your business.
  4. Appreciation
    Handing out calendars to your customers, displays your business' friendly image and builds your goodwill.
  5. Sales Power
    Calendar advertising is the most influential of all advertising. Most homes and businesses support the advertiser who supplied them with a calendar.
  6. Personal
    Calendars become a personal part of your daily routine, using it for appointments and record keeping.
  7. Economical Advertising
    You reach your audience almost every day through the advertising on your calendar. Costing it over 365 days, your ad costs only a few cents per day.
  8. Gift Value
    Because of their usefulness and your free handout, calendars are considered having a gift value.

Magnetic Fridge Calendars.

We have a wide range of magnetic refrigerator calendars available in several sizes ranging from A7 to A5.

These magnetic fridge calendars are the most economical of our calendar range.

Designs, sizes and prices of our magnetic fridge calendars

We can also supply the following calendars

Wall Calendars.

Our wall calendars are divided into budget one page calendars, which are printed in five different sizes.

We can also offer you a range of prestige 12 page wall calendars with exceptionally beautiful photographs on each page.

Tent or A-Frame Calendars.

Tent calendars are printed in larger quantities and are made for businesses intending to reach a large audience.

Desk Pad Calendars and Planners.

Our desk calendars have a page for each month with large date blocks on it, making it ideal to use as a planner as well.

Our desk calendars are A2 in size with 12 pages each consisting of a month, with large date blocks on it, making it ideal to use as a planner as well. The header area is customised with your business name and logo, as well as other information you would like your customers to have in front of them on their desks.

E-mail us here with your calendar query or quote application. Please supply the size and quantity you are interested in: