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Business Card design and printing at an affordable price.

We do business cards. We'll do your the card's design and when you are satisfied with the result, we'll do your business card printing in high quality, full colour.

A business card size is normally 90mm x 50mm, but there are business card templates which are 85mm x 55mm and you can have the designs specifically made from any example available. Some designs are free and depends on the business card ideas you supply us with.

Five business card design examples
Five business card design examples

Business card quantities and pricing:

5 to 8 workdays lead time.
High quality litho printing, 350 gsm card stock, UV varnished front:

  • 500 identical cards, full colour front, black text on back - R449.00.
  • 1000 identical cards, full colour front, black text on back - R649.00.

5 to 10 workdays lead time.
High quality litho printing, 350 gsm card stock, UV varnished:

  • 500 identical cards, both sides full colour - R699.00.
  • 1000 identical cards, both sides full colour - R899.00.

Delivery costs.

Delivery costs differ according to the destination:

  • Gauteng - R92.00
  • All other areas in SA - R103.00

We use The Courier Guy for our deliveries.

In Gauteng deliveries are on the same day or overnight and elsewhere you get your business cards not later than three days after it's dispatch. No matter where in SA you are

Business card for Comine at Aida Properties
Business cards printed for Comine at Aida Properties

What is a business card?

Business cards are cards with information about a business or a person printed onto it.

Business cards are usually exchanged during the introduction of one business person to another business person, or when someone wants a person to contact him or her.

Usually a business card includes the person's name, business information, usually a company name, a logo and contact information such as street addresses, cellphone number, telephone number, fax number, e-mail addresses and website. It may also include other useful information.

Traditionally cards were simple text on white stock, but today a business card will sometimes include one or more aspects of a striking, professional, visual design.

Business cards are printed on card stock with the visual effects, method of printing, and other details varying according to personal preferences. The common weight of a business card varies some by location. Generally, business cards are printed on stock that is 300 to 350 gsm.

In South Africa the standard size of a business card is 90 x 50 mm.

A business card can also be coated with a UV glossy coat, like most of the cards we supply to our clients.

Business card for ERA Properties
Business cards printed for ERA Properties

Why do you need business cards?

Despite its small size and cost, your business card is one of the most powerful marketing tools you will ever possess.

Because of it's low cost, many people take a business card for granted and don't even think of the effect it can have on their marketing and sales success.

  • It's a modern business "essential".
  • It's typically responsible for the first impression that is made on your potential customers.
  • It's the thing most of your potential clients see first, after you.

Why use our quality business cards?

  • Your cards are firm and robust because they are printed on durable 350gsm cardstock and UV varnished for extra sturdiness.
  • The images and text on your card are sharp and crisp. They are printed on a four colour offset press at 175 lpi as opposed to the normal 135 lpi. They are also printed on a fine grain card stock, which doesn't absorb the ink, but leaves it on the card.
  • Your cards are immune to scratches and have a high gloss finish because of the double UV coating it receives.
  • You have more than enough space for your information, because you can have the back of the card printed in black and white at no extra cost.
  • Your card stands out from the crowd and will be picked up more often out of a pile of cards because of it's superior design done by our professional designers.
  • Above all else, you get your cards at the most competitive price on the market. You always see the "cheapies" being advertised when you google "business cards", but sometimes the quality and artwork is so poor, you are too shy to hand your card to anybody.
A 90mm x 50mm full colour business card for Remax
Business card printed for Remax Properties
Business card printed for Intro Real Estate
Business card printed for Intro Real Estate

Business Card Marketing.

Only you will know if you need to use your business card for contact purposes only, or if you can make use of it as a marketing tool for your business.

If you know you can use it to market yourself and your business, here are a few guidelines on design and marketing with business cards.

As a marketing essential, you business card needs to have all the necessary details on it to show people not only who you are and how to contact you, but also the information you are trying to market or sell to them.

Designing your perfect business card.

Before we go into the what and how your design must look like, lets have a look at the mistakes you never should make when designing your card.

When making business cards, do not make these 9 fatal mistakes.

  • Mistake number one:
    Your card doesn't stand out in in the crowd.
    Your card must impress and grab your potential customer's attention. Giving someone a card which looks good, feels good and clearly shows what your business does, will have that person remembering you for a long time.
  • Mistake number two:
    Cards of which the quality is lacking.
    Don't print cards for yourself on perforated cards on an inkjet or laser printer. A low quality card will chase potential customers away, rather than attracting them. Don't be a Scrooge when it comes to your business card. Spend some money wisely and have top quality cards designed and printed for you.
  • Mistake number three:
    You are confusing people with the information on your card.
    Can your potential customer immediately see what your business does when looking at your card? If they can't, you may not get as many calls or referrals as you may wish to have.
  • Mistake number four:
    You are not selling something unique.
    A potential customer must see something on your card which sets you apart from any other business. For instance, if you have a vehicle service centre, you could have a slogan on your card reading "All repairs fully guaranteed". Not many service centres think of putting this on their cards.
  • Mistake number five:
    Your card is not the correct size.
    In South Africa the size of a business card is 90 X 50 millimeters, or at the most credit card size, which is 85 X 55 millimeters. Do not use any larger size. It will not fit into a wallet or a card holder and will eventually fit only in the trash can.
  • Mistake number six:
    The text on your card is too small.
    A business card is relatively small and it is easy, when you have it enlarged on your computer screen, to insert text which is too small to see properly. Especially for older people using glasses. Don't make any font size smaller than seven point.
  • Mistake number seven:
    Information overload.
    If you try and put too much information on your card, it will look too busy and therefore unreadable. Put only the necessary information on your card for a person to see who you are, what type of business you have and your contact details.
  • Mistake number eight:
    Wrong use of colour and contrast.
    Use colour on your card to make it stand out and grab attention. If your card is litho printed, or even digitally printed, never ask for silver or gold on white. It comes out a dull grey or darkish yellow, unreadable on the white. Contrast your colours. Use light text on a dark background and dark text on a light background.
  • Mistake number nine:
    Your cards are collecting dust on a shelf.
    If you want to use your card as a marketing tool, you need to hand out your cards. Always have some cards with you, no matter where you go. There might just be somebody standing next to you in the queue who needs to make use of your services.

If you make sure the above mistakes are taken into consideration when you plan and design your cards, you're halfway there.

If you take the design and printing of your business card seriously and do the proper planning beforehand, you'll have a card that really stands out in the crowd and is not easily thrown away, but kept for it's beauty and usefulness.

We've made a list of all the mistakes you must avoid when designing your cards. To sum up the process, let's go through the steps for planning the design of your card.

Make sure your business cards conform to these rules.

  1. Essential information:
    Make sure the necessary information is on your card. Your company name, your name and position, your contact details; telephone number, fax number, cell phone number and email address are all important. A physical address and a website address may also be necessary, but a postal address does not carry much weight on a business card any more. Don't forget your unique service that makes your business exceptional.
  2. Accurate information.
    Make sure you proof read everything on your before you go to print. Do not hand out a business card with corrections made by writing on the card. You will surely loose business.
  3. A class of it's own.
    By making use of good colour contrasts, good design outlay and printed on high quality card stock, your card will be picked up more often than not and also be kept and remembered.
  4. Last but not least.
    Remember that your business card is marketing YOU and you want to look your best when marketing your services.

So, treat yourself and have some quality business cards made for you.

Professional Graphic Design

If we design them, your business cards are custom designed by a graphic artist. A business card design will be created for you based on your input. We do not print until you are 100% happy with the proof. Printing will only go ahead once you have signed off the proof.

If you want to design your card yourself, you can supply it to us as follows:

In prepress .pdf format, without any copy restrictions. In .jpg or any other bitmap format, 300 dpi.

Total size, measurements 94 x 54 mm. This includes a 2mm bleed and all the text information on the card must be 5mm from the edge of the bleed. If this is correct we won't charge you any design, artwork or setup fees.

However, if you use MS Word, Power Point or Publisher to design your business cards, do not use WORD ART, as we can't copy and paste WordArt into our program, which is CorelDraw.

Why do you need something on the back of your business card?

If you're not using the back of your card, you're wasting an inexpensive opportunity to catch and keep your customer's attention.

Printing on the back of a card may also get your customer to visit you sooner than you think.

Here are a few ideas for printing on the back of your cards:

  • QR code of your website or email address
  • appointment times
  • artwork or logo
  • awards or honours received
  • before/after photos
  • Bible verse
  • The Our Father
  • branch offices
  • brand names you sell
  • business philosophy
  • calendar
  • car care checklist
  • Code of Ethics
  • company history
  • contact information
  • contests coupon offer
  • credentials
  • discount or money for card offer
  • emergency phone numbers
  • employee names
  • entertaining or useful websites
  • favourite quotation
  • fuller description of what you do/who you do it for
  • fun places to go in town
  • guarantee
  • hours of service
  • humorous anecdote, joke or riddle
  • large print of data on front of card
  • loan payment information
  • major clients
  • membership card
  • menu
  • mission statement
  • most popular products photo
  • product price list
  • product uses
  • quantity discount list
  • reasons to purchase NOW
  • recipe
  • reflexology chart
  • retirement readiness checklist
  • return or refund
  • ring sizes
  • road map to you business site
  • ruler
  • Ten Commandments
  • terms and conditions
  • testimonial
  • tire tread depth gauge
  • trivia related to your business
  • work or industry experience
  • your signature

The space is there, make good use of it.