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Banner design and printing

Banners and displays. Birthday banners.

Banner Sizes.

Banner material is manufactured to fit the printing width of the large format printers which are used these days to print banners. The length of the banner can usually be any size, as the banner material comes in rolls of 25 or 50 metres long.

The width of a banner can be: 760mm, 1370mm, 1500mm, 2000mm and 3 metres. However, banner material can be welded and therefor made to any size. Very large signs on buildings and billboards are printed and welded banners.

Our banners our large format printer prints on 1370mm wide banner material. We can therefor make a banner of any length up to 3 metres, with a 1350mm wide print. However, through trial and error, we have found that an ideal size for a birthday banner is about two meters in length by 1370 mm wide.

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Special price on birthday banners.

Normally priced at R500.00, our birthday banners are now on special for R390.00 VAT inclusive. Design and artwork is R290.00 and our banners are delivered anywhere in SA.

Our birthday banners are similar to the ones of Thato and Zoey here below on this page. The banner measures 1.5 metres x 760 mm, with full colour print, usually the birthday party theme, including, if you wish, a photo of the person.

Banners we printed

Thato, queen of the day birthday banner
Thato, queen of the day birthday banner
Zoey first birthday banner
Zoey's first birthday banner

Your full colour banner printing resource.

Banners are printed on several types of PVC vinyl of varying thickness. Most of our banners are printed on lightweight banner material like the indoor birthday banners, pictured lower down on this page.

For sizes larger than 10 square metres, the price per square metre will be substantially lower. If you need a specific quotation, please fill in the form here and we will e-mail you a specific quote to cover your needs.

Your marketing and promotions need to capture attention at any promotional events, indoors or outdoors.

We have the solution for you! We offer full colour large format digitally printed indoor and outdoor vinyl banners in any size, any colour, and any design that you might need. Even better, all our banners are available at low, competitive prices!

We use the latest technology in vinyl banner printing and digitally printed banners to create beautiful, vibrant, and professional-looking banners.

An X-stand banner
An example of an X-Stand banner
Zoey's fith birthday banner
Banner made for Zoey's fith birthday

Full colour printed banners are a powerful communication tool, a great way for advertising and promoting your business' products or services, and they are certain to attract potential customers.

With full colour banner printing, your banners will stand out. Wherever you plan to display your banners, we have the right materials.

Full colour digitally printed banners can say more for your marketing and promotional efforts than vinyl-lettered banners packed full of words.

Whether you're announcing the opening of a new location, or you have a table at a festival or any other event, the word gets out when using a banner. Larger size banners draw attention to your storefront. Smaller ones are a great way to display services you would like to promote.

If you're announcing an arts event everyone needs to know about, a large banner will do the trick. If you need to promote your business in smaller venues, a smaller banner will last time after time.

Whether you need affordable temporary banners for your shop front, or something you can take along to festivals and other events, banners get your name out there. Larger sizes attract visitors from the street. Smaller sizes can be a great way to promote specials in your shop.

On your shop front, a banner tells customers where to find you. If you hang it at your job site, your banner announces the type of business you do. Show your name, address, website, years in business – whatever you want potential customers to know.

Imagine: Full colour vinyl banner printing, including outdoor banners - any size, any colour, and completely custom designed. Now imagine they are printed effortlessly, quickly, and at incredibly low prices! That's what we do for you!

Do you need a quote on banners? Please complete this form and submit it to us.

Zoey third birthday banner
Banner made for Zoey's third birthday
Zoey fourth birthday banner
Banner made for Zoey's fourth birthday

Banner materials.

Banner material is a heavy weight vinyl technically known as PVC.

PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride, a radical of ethane referring to different ethylene-based compounds and PVC is polyvinyl chloride and a polymer of vinyl chloride applied across a material like polyester. In the case of banners, polyester can be laminated or coated with PVC, giving the end product a high gloss, professional finish, whilst also reinforcing the polyester underneath.

The history of banners.

What is a banner? It started as a cloth on which a message was painted or written as a logo or a slogan or with a symbol on it to display the message to be seen from a distance. The French word “banniere” and the Latin word “bandum” meaning a flag made from cloth is where our modern day word banner was derived.

History has shown that the first banners were made by stitching different coloured threads to make pictures like quilting or patchwork.

It seems banners were first used by the Romans, who put banners outside their homes with their coat of arms so that people could identify them. Their armies also used identification banners so the enemy would know how scared they must be of these Romans, or if they were delivering pizzas.

Because a knight in medieval times wore a face mask for the protection of his face and head, nobody who saw them knew who they were. The knights therefor displayed their heraldic origins like a coat of arms with a motto and a crest from which heraldry developed using strict rules to preserve the languages of that time, namely Anglo-Norman.

Later banners were used on many occasions from union demands, religious slogans, sports and other purposes up to now when banners are mostly used for advertising and marketing purposes. This was all happening because banners were cheap to make and could be used for a long time.

We see the same nowadays when banners are used for repetitive advertising, being used over and over to market products to intended customers.

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Special price on birthday banners.

Normally priced at R500.00 we now have a special of R390.00 for a birthday banner which is similar to the ones of Thato and Zoey here below. The banner measures 1.5 metres x 760 mm, with full colour print including a photo you supply.

Do you need a quote on banners? Please complete this form and submit it to us.

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