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Windscreen Licence Stickers

We have printed thousands of licence stickers for a lot of our clients.

These stickers are a good advertising medium and are used mainly by windscreen fitment centres and vehicle sales people.

We also supply windscreen stickers printed on the front that can be read from the outside. This is commonly used for No Towing signs, living area identification or parking areas.

How do you remove the sticker when the licence is renewed.

Depending on the type of vinyl used to apply onto the windscreen, there are quite a few ways to remove the sticker. I found some nice instructions on

  • Sometimes it just peels off easily.
  • A razor blade and dish washing liquid.
  • Peel it off, clean with alcohol (meths works) or use a utility knife (stanley knife) blade (often sold as a window scraper to remove paint).
  • Hair dryer to heat it up a bit, and it'll peel right off. Clean the residue with benzene.
  • Try smearing peanut butter under an edge. Apparently the peanut oil loosens the glue.
Windscreen Licence Stickers