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Laptop Skins

Vinyl Laptop skins come in a variety of shapes and sizes that in most cases can be customised to fit any computer.

We specialise in customised skins. You supply your artwork or info and we make the skin you want.

Laptop Skin Pricing:

All prices include VAT.

  • One laptop skin, printed and laminated: R290.00 total.
  • Up to 5 skins, printed and laminated: R190.00 per skin.
  • Up to 10 skins, printed and laminated: R129.00 per skin.
  • Up to 20 skins, printed and laminated: R99.00 per skin.
  • For all skins more than 20 skins: R1980.00 plus R69.00 per skin.

Laptop skins are unique and highly customisable ways to give laptop computers a completely new look.

A laptop skin is a precision-cut vinyl adhesive material, usually with some design, photograph, or other image, designed for application onto the laptop on the back of the LCD screen.

Laptop skins are designed to be durable and to give laptops a unique, customised look while also protecting the laptop from scratches and other damage from wear and tear. Laptop skins are widely used for branding purposes, promoting a company name, product, or cause.

Although we can supply you with generic skins, of which there are millions to choose from, we would rather create unique skins for you. That is why we manufacture such a lot of skins with company logos and information on them.

The laptop skins we manufacture are printed on durable vinyl and laminated with clear vinyl for extra protection from scratches.

As you are aware, not all laptops are the same size. When ordering your laptop skins, you must also include the vertical and horizontal size, or supply us with the brand and model number of the laptop or netbook.

Personalise your computing with a stunning skin for your laptop, notebook or netbook. Choose between eye-catching designs for a unique and custom face to your laptop – including skin templates ready to fit, from Toshiba, Acer, Dell, HP, Asus and all other brands, even including Apple Macs. Even if you have a netbook, we also have all sorts of styles & designs for brands like Acer and Asus, plus the HP Mini and Dell Mini.

So whether you're a laptop or netbook user, you can skin it. Get your skin covers today and add a unique touch and also protect your laptop or macbook from dents, dirt and scratches.

Examples of Laptop Skins.

Laptop skin example no 1
Laptop skin example no 2
Laptop skin example no 3
Laptop skin example no 4