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Correx Boards and Estate Agent Stickers.

Here is a correx board price calculator where you can calculate the price of your boards.

Correx board, sometimes spelt corex, is an economical, lightweight, waterproof and versatile sign board used for display boards or advertising boards.

Correx is light, rigid and very cost effective. It is ideal for many kinds of sign displays and advertising applications.

The correx board we normally supply is 3 mm thick, however you also get 3.5, 4 and 5 mm thick boards. It cannot rot or swell like timber or cardboard.

Correx is constructed like corrugated cardboard with a hollow box tube centre, known as flutes. It is made from polypropylene and is mostly used for Estate Agent signs.

To keep your costs down, the standard sizes available for purchase off the shelf are:
600mmx400mm (A2) and 800mmx600mm (A1) and 500x300mm (slightly different to the A paper sizes).

You can also order the board to any size that you wish to have at a slight cost premium. The most popular Correx board you see on pavements measure 600 X 400mm, which is approximately A2 size.

Standard Correx board comes in three base colours: white, yellow and black.

Printing on correx generally makes use of high contrast, high impact colour combinations.

Special inks have been developed to adhere to the plastic of correx boards. Colours that are available vary between suppliers and normally include a range of spot colours and the four Process colours: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.

The maximum size we can print on is 2500mm x 1250mm as that is the size of the largest fabricated correx board.

Printing on correx can be done by several means:

  • single to two or three colour wording using silk screening, for large quantities, in our case a minimum of 20 A1 boards or 30 A2 boards
  • full colour using a vinyl sticker which is applied to the board, for example full colour photos
  • a combination of both silk screening and a vinyl sticker which brings the price down in contrast to a full colour board
  • vinyl cut-out lettering for small quantities of boards

We also supply the normal; name and number, for sale, sold etc. stickers which the Estate Agents use on their boards.

Examples of correx boards and stickers we've made.

Correx board no 1
Correx board no 2
Correx board no 3
Correx board no 4
Correx board no 5
Correx board no 6
Correx board no 7
Correx board no 8