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Car Magnets

Car Door Magnets, Tailgate Magnets, Construction Vehicle Magnets.

Special prices on vehicle magnets.

We have a special price on all our car magnets.


  • Digitally printed on vinyl and applied onto a magnet sheet.
  • Full colour print.
  • 3 year outdoor lifespan.
  • Lead time: 3 to 7 working days.
  • No artwork fees if you supply the design.
  • Delivery costs from R50.00 per set of magnets.
  • All prices INCLUDE VAT.

Magnet prices.

Artwork costs: R250.00.

  • Size: 300 x 250 mm
    Normally R300.00. Now only R249.00 per set.
  • Size: 500 x 300 mm
    Normally R450.00. Now only R399.00 per set.
  • Size: 600 x 400 mm
    Normally R550.00. Now only R499.00 per set.
  • Tailgate magnets, size: 600 x 300 mm
    Normally R400.00. Now only R349.00 each.
  • Construction vehicle magnets, size: 900 x 100 mm
    Normally R250.00. Now only R199.00 each.

Additional discounts are offered on all orders larger than 4 sets of magnets.

Email us here with your order or further enquiries.

Why use car or vehicle magnets?

Car door magnets are used when you only have to advertise your business part time and not permanently.

Today's technology lets you make a car magnet as bright and colourful as your imagination would let you. Our magnetic signs are fully weather resistant, having a UV varnish finish and are easily applied and removed, yet they will still adhere at high speeds.

The beauty of car magnets is that after-hours or when the weekend comes, simply remove your magnets and enjoy your privacy.

Order as little as one set of magnets or hundreds for your fleet of cars, bakkies or trucks – an almost effortless marketing tool. Supply us your artwork or let us create an eye catching car magnet that will get you noticed everywhere.

In the construction industry?

With some affordable car door magnets, your bakkie becomes a mobile ad and every job site becomes a testimonial to your craft. Choose from assorted car magnet sizes. Put your name, logo and website on one, your business slogan on another - whatever you want people to see.

Working from home?

There's no better place to advertise your in-home services than having a car magnet on the vehicle that you drive and park near the homes of potential customers.

In the vehicle or automotive industry?

When your business has anything to do with the vehicle trade, why not make vehicles one of your most powerful marketing tools? Car door magnets are an affordable way to turn cars, bakkies and trucks into affordable, effective mobile ads. Choose from assorted magnet sizes.

Doing transportation services?

It's not just your transportation - it's an eye-catching car magnet advertisement that you drive through the neighbourhoods where you deliver your transport services every day.

Prices are based on the size of the magnet. The standard size is 500 x 300 mm. and the price for a set of 2 standard size magnets is R400.00, but we have a special for 2017 of R349.00 per set.

If you wish to buy more sets of magnets for your vehicle fleet, please email us for a quote, supplying us with the quantity, size and artwork, if possible. All our magnet prices become lower per set when buying large quantities.

We also supply construction vehicle magnets, road inspection magnets and stickers of any size or shape.

Vehicle door magnets we have made.

Car door magnet no 1
Car door magnet no 2
Car door magnet no 3
Car door magnet no 4
Car door magnet no 5
Car door magnet no 6