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Business card quantities and pricing:

5 to 10 workdays lead time.
High quality litho printing, 350 gsm card stock, UV varnished front:
  • 500 identical cards, full colour front, black text on back - R449.00.
  • 1000 identical cards, full colour front, black text on back - R549.00.
5 to 10 workdays lead time.
High quality litho printing, 350 gsm card stock, UV varnished:
  • 500 identical cards, both sides full colour - R699.00.
  • 1000 identical cards, both sides full colour - R899.00.

Delivery costs.

Delivery costs differ according to the destination:

  • Gauteng - R50.00
  • All other areas in SA - R115.00

We use Aramex or The Courier Guy for our deliveries.

Deliveries are overnight and you get your business cards not later than two days after it's despatch. No matter where in SA you are

What is a business card?

Business cards are cards with information about a business or a person printed onto it.

Business cards are usually exchanged during the introduction of one business person to another business person, or when someone wants a person to contact him or her.

Usually a business card includes the person's name, business information, usually a company name, a logo and contact information such as street addresses, cellphone number, telephone number, fax number, e-mail addresses and website. It may also include other useful information.

Traditionally cards were simple text on white stock, but today a business card will sometimes include one or more aspects of a striking, professional, visual design.

Business cards are printed on card stock with the visual effects, method of printing, and other details varying according to personal preferences. The common weight of a business card varies some by location. Generally, business cards are printed on stock that is 300 to 350 gsm.

In South Africa the standard size of a business card is 90 x 50 mm.

A business card can also be coated with a UV glossy coat, like most of the cards we supply to our clients.

Why do you need business cards?

Despite its small size and cost, your business card is one of the most powerful marketing tools you will ever possess.

Because of it's low cost, many people take a business card for granted and dont even think of the effect it can have on their marketing and sales success.

  • It's a modern business "essential".
  • It's typically responsible for the first impression that is made on your potential customers.
  • It's the thing most of your potential clients see first. after you).

Why use our quality business cards?

  • Your cards are firm and robust because they are printed on durable 350gsm cardstock and UV varnished for extra sturdiness.
  • The images and text on your card are sharp and crisp. They are printed on a four colour offset press at 175 lpi as opposed to the normal 135 lpi. They are also printed on a fine grain card stock, which doesn't absorb the ink, but leaves it on the card.
  • Your cards are immune to scratches and have a high gloss finish because of the double UV coating it receives.
  • You have more than enough space for your information, because you can have the back of the card printed in black and white at no extra cost.
  • Your card stands out from the crowd and will be picked up more often out of a pile of cards because of it's superior design done by our professional designers.
  • Above all else, you get your cards at the most competitive price on the market. You always see the "cheapies" being advertised when you google "business cards", but sometimes the quality and artwork is so poor, you are too shy to hand your card to anybody.

Professional Graphic Design

If we design them, your business cards are custom designed by a graphic artist. A business card design will be created for you based on your input. We do not print until you are 100% happy with the proof. Printing will only go ahead once you have signed off the proof.

If you want to design your card yourself, you can supply it to us as follows:

In prepress .pdf format, without any copy restrictions. In .jpg or any other bitmap format, 300 dpi.

Total size, measurements 94 x 54 mm. This includes a 2mm bleed and all the text information on the card must be 5mm from the edge of the card. If this is correct we won't charge you any design, artwork or setup fees.

However, if you use MS Word, Power Point or Publisher etc, to design your business cards, do not use WORD ART, as we can't copy and paste WordArt into our program, which is Corel Draw.